Many people always wish that they had the ability to improve a number of aspects about themselves or their character. However for ingrained behavior, achieving a lasting change is somewhat difficult. There are some core personality attributes that are considered immutable. However, I personally believe that even the oldest behavior and habits can be changed to a certain degree if one has the right determination and put in an effort.

Personally, my spiritual insight has largely contributed to my behavioral change and the observance of moral uprightness. I have come to learn that what matters in this life is how you behave and how you treat people. On the whole, all material possessions are left here on earth when one dies. Some people have focused too much on materialism, all that is vanity. Cognition and dissonance in the heart are the most important aspect. Spirituality gave me self-control and self-help, which guide me in making life choices.

In contrast to my religion come across to book “The God Delusion” author by Richard Dawkins that challenges me and helps to reflected on my religious choices. The book is about an atheist ideology to compare and look at religious people and their choices in life, Dawkins argued that religion is not the root of all evil, for no one thing is the root of all anything. Which has a psychological effect on me and why I have chosen this spiritual path (as a Muslim). I have this notion now that one should get to try everything that comes their way with confidence and determination. With such commitment in the worlds, one can change circumstances that they are in easily, with strength and resilience. I have come to hold the belief that one can be what they want to be in life. I am determined to have a positive impact.

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